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5 Most Common AC Problems Everyone Faces

5 Common AC Issues Faced by Every Individual:

There could be different reasons why your AC is not functioning efficiently. You can, however, recognize a few common problems on your own.

Problems with the Thermostat

The thermostat controls the AC. If settings are incorrect or the batteries are dead, your AC will likely encounter issues. Follow this checklist to ensure the efficient working of your thermostat:

  • Ensure the thermostat is switched to cooling mode.
  • Change batteries if the screen remains blank.
  • Keep the desired temperature below the current room temperature.

Dirty air filters can lead to reduced airflow, higher power consumption, and lower indoor air quality. You can easily eliminate issues of dirty air filters by changing flat filters every month and pleated filters every alternate month. If you are located in Carrollton, we offer extensive discounts on AC repair in Carrollton.

Frozen Condenser Coils

The AC coils are crucial as they release heat from indoor to outdoor of your room. If the coils are frozen, indoor air quality depletes. Freezing may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Dirty air filters restrict airflow.
  • Dirty coils due to lack of seasonal maintenance.
  • Clogged drain line due to moisture build-up.
  • Leakage in refrigerants that reduces cooling power.

If switching off the unit and turning it on after some time shows the unit’s inefficiency, it is advisable to call a technician. If your location is Carrollton or its surroundings, we would love to help you by offering AC replacement in Carrollton, TX.

Leakage in Refrigerant

Refrigerant helps in transferring heat. Refrigerant leak leads to accumulation of hot air in the room. Certain signs you can notice in this case:

  • High humidity within the room.
  • Inadequate cold air.
  • Longer cooling cycles.
  • Bubbling sound in AC.

Water Leakage

Skipping AC maintenance may lead to a clogged drain, causing water to flow back. In this situation, you will notice water leaking.

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