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Heat Pump Installation Carrollton and Irving TX

Heat Pump Installation Carrollton Plano Irving TX and Surrounding Areas

A heat pump is an excellent way to keep your home comfortable all year. However, if you suspect your heat pump is not working efficiently, you should seek professional assistance for heat pump replacement Irving.

Few Things to Know Before Heat Pump Installation:

  • Because your heat pump can replace your central air conditioning and heating, you should also plan on getting rid of your old furnace or boiler.
  • Heat pump installation is an excellent option if you want to remodel your home, add a new room, or want to avoid using ductwork to improve your indoor air quality.
  • Heat pumps can struggle in cold temperatures and lose efficiency when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This may not make a significant difference in some homes, but a heat pump may not be the best option for dealing with winter temperatures in others. Consult a technician who will advise you with regards to heat pump replacement Plano.

Preparing for the Installation of a Heat Pump


Heat Pump Installation

  • Confirm HOA rules: If you live in a home with a homeowners association (HOA), you may require approval, which you should confirm for heat pump installation in Carrollton.
  • Check your schedule: You should find out how long the heat pump installation will take. While they usually work in specific areas, there will still be some disruption to your daily routine, as with any significant home improvement project.
  • Prepare for some downtime: While the heat pump installation is completed, you may be without heat or air conditioning for one day or night. It will be wise to have a space heater or a wall air conditioner on hand.
  • Supply chain issues may hamper your installation process: There are some supply chain delays with heat pump equipment, just as there are with solar and other industries that rely on manufacturing products and technology. Certain brands may be more readily available than others, so work with your technician to learn about the various heat pump manufacturers and their products.
  • Ask questions: If you’re unsure why your installer recommends a particular piece of equipment for a specific location, inquire with your HVAC. There are often multiple ways to make a heat pump system design work, so if you prefer something different than what your heat pump specialist recommends, see if it’s possible.

Signs That Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

Increased Cooling Costs

You don’t need to spend much money to stay cool—join our team! Our heat pump services Irving TX experts can come to your home and assist you in getting your air conditioner to run at maximum efficiency.

Reduced Cooling

If your home’s cooling capacity is limited, you may need to run your air conditioner longer or at a lower temperature. You might think this is an obvious sign of heat pump issues, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook something like this. If you’re having trouble cooling your home, call our experts immediately for heat pump services.

Excessive Noise

If your heat pump is making a lot of noise, it’s probably time to call an expert for heat pump repair Carrollton TX. We can assist you in determining the nature of the issue and taking the appropriate next steps.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is bad for your air conditioner’s efficiency and even worse for your wallet. Short cycling occurs when your air conditioner runs for a short period, then shuts off and turns back on again which is problematic.


If you need a dependable team to service your heat pump, call us today to schedule an appointment with our experts visit A Comfort Services.

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