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AC System Freezing Up: How Can I Fix It?

AC tripping circuit breaker, weak airflow, frequent changes in indoor temperature, etc., are some of the most common AC problems everyone knows. The air conditioning unit freezing up is the problem that receives the least attention. 

The build-up of ice in your AC blocks the airflow and affects the air conditioning mechanism. Thus, it is an issue we should be concerned about.

The build-up of ice in your AC blocks the airflow and affects the air conditioning mechanism. Thus, it is an issue we should be concerned about.

5 Consequences of AC Freezing Up

Frozen AC has several drawbacks. If not fixed on time, these drawbacks can cost you a lot later to fix the damage. The consequences of the frozen air conditioner are:

  • AC will stop cooling the room.
  • The ice can damage the entire system, and you will need an emergency AC repair in Carrollton frequently.
  • You will experience restricted air flow and rapid changes in temperature.
  • You will have to bear expensive AC repair service to fix a damaged AC unit.
  • Unnecessary and unexpected preponed AC replacement is also a drawback of AC freezing up.

Reason for AC Freezing Up

The air conditioning in Carrollton, TX, removes the indoor heat by absorbing it and pushing it out to the outdoor unit. The indoor heat gets transferred to the outdoor coil, and the coil transfers the hot air outside. 

This way, an air conditioning unit cools the room. However, if something blocks the way for refrigerant to pass through, the too-cool refrigerant leads to the build-up of ice on the evaporator coil. A frozen refrigerant can cause problems and major repairs or replacements to your HVAC unit.

In simple words, the air conditioning unit freezing up is an outcome of clogging inside the air conditioning unit. The internal components get clogged due to excessive dirt, and this restricts the AC functioning. That is why all experienced HVAC contractors give much importance to AC cleaning.

It is essential to clean the AC unit coil once or twice a year. If you schedule air conditioning seasonal tune-up service twice every year, you will not have to worry about cleaning the AC coil as it is included in the AC tune-up in Carrollton.

Solution is to Fix the Frozen AC

Three different methods can help you melt the ice on the AC unit. All these methods will only take a few hours to melt the ice if you fix the problem as soon as you notice it.

  • Method 1

    • Turn off the AC unit from the main power supply and wait until the ice melts. 
    • Once the ice melts completely, wait until the evaporator coil dries up, and then turn your AC on.
  • Method 2

    • Use your air conditioning system in fan-only mode until the ice melts completely.
    • Wait till the evaporator coil becomes ice and moisture free. 
    • Once the evaporator coil dries up, you can change the thermostat settings.
  • Method 3 

    • Use a water hose and shoot the water in the direction of ice blocks.
    • Be careful while following this method and protect the internal wiring and motor.
    • Once the ice melts up, dry it using a towel or let the coil dry naturally


These methods will help you deal with the AC freezing up. Change the AC filter within 60 to 90 days and schedule a tune-up yearly to prevent this problem. Do not try to break the ice using any hard or sharp object. It can damage AC components. 

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