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Maintaining Your AC Unit Will Result In Energy Savings
As much as 12% of your annual home energy costs and 70% during the summer can be attributed to your air conditioning unit. The largest energy consumer in your home is your HVAC system. If you’re a typical homeowner, you’re probably looking for ways to decrease expenses and increase air conditioner efficiency. Read below to learn how.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner to Save Energy:

Set the Temperature to High

The lower you set the air conditioners, the more money you throw away. Set the thermostat, if feasible, to the highest setting that will still allow you to feel comfortable and prevent AC repair in Carrollton. You can cut your annual cooling costs by up to 10% by maintaining a temperature 10 to 15 degrees higher than usual for 8 hours.

Clean Up Your Air Filters

Our air conditioners’ air filters accumulate dust and debris over time, eventually reducing airflow. Your AC system will work harder and consume more energy if the airflow is disrupted, making it challenging to keep your home cool. Avoid waiting until your air filters are blocked. Every 30 to 90 days, you should clean and replace them to prevent AC repair.

Routinely Check for Refrigerant Leaks

The system will operate less effectively and more inefficiently if there is a leak. If the problem isn’t fixed, the system’s capacity might be jeopardized, leading to lasting harm. Leakage within the system and the unit should be carefully examined during AC maintenance in Irving, TXto ensure HVAC longevity and effective operation.

Regularly Inspect All Pipes

The extra moisture may migrate and pour out of drip pans if the system condensate connections become clogged, creating many issues requiring frequent AC repair. Mold and fungus are also more likely to develop in water collecting areas.

Keep Appropriate System Boundaries

After AC installation in Carrollton, TX, You can achieve up to 20% more energy efficiency by directing heating and cooling to specific areas within system boundaries. According to experts of AC maintenance, you must precisely define system boundaries to determine what settings should be used, when, where the boundaries are, and how airflow from HVAC ducting should be directed.

Ensure That Your House is Adequately Insulated

A property with inadequate insulation is one of the factors that contribute to high energy usage for your air conditioner. The insulation in older homes is frequently insufficient. A specialist performing AC installation should conduct a home energy audit to ensure that the insulation in your home is up to grade. 

Avoid Positioning Things Close to Your Thermostat

According to experts of AC service doing this will keep the AC running until the entire area is comfortably cool. If it detects that the temperature surrounding it continues to be higher than planned. Maintaining a safe distance between your thermostat, electronics, and appliances that produce heat, such as TVs, computers, and lamps, makes sense.

Regular Maintenance

Your air conditioning system will always require routine AC service in Irving, TX, and it’s best to have trained experts handle the job once a year. All of these inspections improve your air conditioner’s efficiency, decreasing energy consumption and expenses.

Adjust and Program the HVAC System for Seasonal Changes

Adjusting HVAC for seasonal change can save a significant amount of energy because it requires less effort from the compressor to maintain the necessary degree of comfort. Be aware that a minor adjustment to the thermostat setting during AC maintenance may be sufficient when the season changes. 

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